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When i was in high school, we had a basic Kodak film camera at home and we did not use it much because it cost a lot to buy a film roll and develop the pictures at that time.To my surprise, one fine day i was told i could use an entire film roll(that could capture only 36 images,yes u read it correct!! 36!) and cick whatever i wished.This was my first encounter with the world of photography and boy! how i enjoyed clicking those 36 pictures. I had forgotten about it as i was busy with my ever so gruelling high school activities ;) . When the pictures got developed and my uncle who gave me the roll , got home to show me the pictures i had taken about 2 months before, i was very happy to actually hold the hard copy prints in my hand and see a vision come alive for the first time. My uncle was extremely happy with the pictures i had clicked and he said he would gift me one more film roll. And that ladies and gentleman is how got into this. 


Ok hold on , its not a fairy tale.. i did not right away pursue photography and became a millioinare. After school i had to go to engineering and for many years did not get to even hold a camera in hand. Fast forward to work life- worked as an IT Engineer for 4 years. My oh so handsome boyfriend and now my husband who knew my passion for the art gifted me my first ever digital camera and i started to pursue it even harder. 


So thats my story...IT Engineer degree. photographer by passion (oh and ofcourse Dancing! ). Over the years i have really enjoyed clicking portraits as i always love to meet new people and know their stories and learn something from everyone i meet in the process. I beileve, real happiness is when one can do any small thing to make someone else happy and seeing the people look at their photographs and smile is the most joyous thing ever for me.


Somoone very rightly has said - " Life goes on , memories stay cannot contain life but memories can be framed" . 

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